Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog gets a Face-Lift!

Hey everyone.  My apologies for my lack of posts in the past year.  It was been a crazy year, and unfortunately, in my line of work, I can not always share what I am working on until it is officially released by the client.  But be sure that I intend to keep this blog updated with my personal projects from now on, as my personal art is what my main focus is as of late.  So please stay tuned!  Also, to energize my blog posts, I figured it time to give my blog a face-lift, making is nicer, cleaner, neater, and more organized.  Plus, as I have also been creating a new website for Kosart Effects Studios (you can still see the old site HERE), I have been making sure that all my sites have a similar look and feel.  So within the next month, I will introduce you to the new website for Kosart Effects Studios!  All that said, what do you think of the new blog layout?

Image © J. Anthony Kosar.

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