Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kosar's FRANKENSWINE in SPECTRUM 19 & at Live Show!

After entering Spectrum over the past few years, I finally got a piece in!  Boaris Frankenswine, my life-size monster pig sculpture was accepted into SPECTRUM 19: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art!!  This annual book features the best of the best, artists who I have long admired and studied their work.  I am so incredibly honored and humbled to be included amongst such talent!  As I do all forms of art, many of my paintings and illustrations have received recognition in various international and national competitions, but it is very encouraging that my sculpture now has been recognized.  Thank you so much to Spectrum and all the accomplished judges for this honor!  Be sure to order your copy HERE!  And thank you Bear McGivney for the beautiful pictures he took of my Boaris!

Back in Spring 2012, I exhibited my work at the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE in Kansas City, and had Boaris Frankenswine on display.  So far, it was my favorite of all conventions and trade shows I have been to as I had a blast bumping shoulders with some of the finest artists in the industry.  Boaris received a warm welcome from artists and fans alike, and many visitors to the show said Boaris was one of their favorite pieces they saw all weekend!  There is nothing better than having artists like Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Thomas Kuebler, Tim Bruckner, Travis Louie, Michael Whelan, and more stop to see my monster pig!  Here are some pictures from the event (click to view larger):

Boaris guarding my booth at Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE 2012.
With legendary artists Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell.
With the amazing artists Brom and his wife Laurielee.

With master painter Donato Giancola.

With internationally renowned artist Iain McCaig.
With Spectrum Grand Master Michael Whelan.
With talented illustrator Mark Nelson of Grazing Dinosaur Press.
With Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, and Peter Chan of Imaginism Studios.
Bobby is holding my Squiddles mask with a custom paint job, given to Bobby at the show.
With the "Sculptor of the Bizarre" Thomas Kuebler.

With master sculptor Tim Bruckner.
With monster artist Travis Louie.
With fellow Presidential Monster artist Jason Edmiston.
With my dad, my right hand man!

If you missed the first Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE, be sure to mark your calendars for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 in Kansas City May 17 to 19, 2013.  More info HERE.  I will be exhibiting there again, bring along a whole new body of work consisting of original sculptures and paintings.  And who knows, Boaris may make another appearance... we'll see ;)

Boaris Frankenswine © J. Anthony Kosar.
Boaris Frankenswine Photo by Bear McGivney.
Spectrum 19 © Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner / Spectrum Fantastic Art, LLC.
Artwork in pics © respective artists.

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Pete Smith said...

I love Boris!! Are there prints of this beastie available for sale, or posters maybe?
Pete Smith