Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AWS Awards Dinner in NYC!

On Friday, April 24th, 2009, the American Watercolor Society held their Awards Dinner for their 142nd International Exhibition and Travel Show at the Salmagundi Club in New York, NY.

My painting Never Known, Never Forgotten received the Dong Kingman Award. I was so thrilled, honored, and humbled to be there amongst so many amazing paintings and so many unbelievably talented artists! My painting received great feedback, and everyone was so nice. As they presented me with my award, the AWS president, Jim McFarlane commented about my age, which was a huge compliment since I was the youngest one there. Here are some pictures from the event:

Above: Dong Kingman Jr. presents me with the Dong Kingman Award
in memory of his father, Dong Kingman.

Above: AWS President Jim McFarlane and I.

Above: Dong Kingman Jr. and I.

Above: Awards Dinner Attendees, including
Dong Kingman Jr., view my painting.

Above: Discussing my painting with Michele Izzo
(AWS Vice President Treasurer/Awards).

Above: Discussing art and my painting with artist Jada Rowland.

Above: Artist Stephen Quiller and I.
Mr. Quiller was the recipient of the Nicholas Reale Memorial Award,
and also was the Juror for the Richeson 75: Small Works
2009 Exhibit I participated in - HERE

Above: Paul C. Jackson and I.
Mr. Jackson received the Margery Soroka Memorial Award.

"Never Known, Never Forgotten" © J. Anthony Kosar

Visiting the Society of Illustrators...

While in NYC, we visited the Society of Illustrators. A recent friend of mine, George Fernandez, set up lunch for my father and I to have in the member's dining room, something that is exclusive to members.

The current exhibit there was The Line of Fashion. It was really interesting to see as, according to one of the signs on the walls, fashion illustration is completely lost due to the camera and photography. It was great to see all the other work in the hallways and in the dining room as well. Getting to see all of these classic illustrations by the masters was a learning experience in itself. The food was amazing too!

While there, I picked up a few books and I had a chance to learn about membership, which is definitely something I am going to do in the very near future. Thanks again George!!

Images © Society of Illustrators

Trip to NYC...

On Thursday morning, the 23rd, my father and I left for NYC for the AWS Awards Dinner that took place on the 24th. (more info in one of the following blogs).

As we were only in NYC until the 25th, we had little time to sight see, but managed to get in a few destinations. We saw the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Native American Museum, Central Park, and Times Square. It was a great trip! My father and I had tons of fun, and it certainly was a special time spent with my dad.


Well, when I was posting about my trip to Sedona, I forgot to post my little adventure to Cooper'stown, Alice Cooper's restaurant. Before leaving Arizona from the Pheonix airport on May 2nd, I couldn't leave without first paying homage to one of the greatest Shock Rock icons of all time. It was fun! My sister and I had to order and eat in a hurry, take pictures, then off to the airport. Unfortunately, that isn't really Alice next to me in the picture (that one is cardboard!). Oh, and by the way, Alice's new CD Along Came a Spider ROCKS!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Paintings in Hellenic Museum Show this Fall

Second Thoughts 8.5x11 Gouache on Illustration Board

Out on a Limb 14x17 Gouache on Illustration Board

Two of my paintings pictured above have been selected for inclusion into the Neolaia/Pathos: new.youth.passion exhibition at the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center. The show will run September 10, 2009 to January 10, 2010. The Artists' Reception will take place on September 10, 2009from 6-8 pm. Both of these paintings have been prepped for museum quality limited edition signed and numbered giclee prints. More information on edition size, price, and official release date will be available in the coming weeks. Check back for updates.

Artwork © J. Anthony Kosar.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Consequence of My Creation: First Place!

Consequence of Creation 22x16 Mixed Media on Illustration Board

On Sunday, April 5th, 2009, the Naperville Art League held their Annual Public Art Competition Exhibition at the Naperville Fine Art Center. This year's theme was "On the Edge." My painting Consequence of Creation took 1st Place in the Adult Category! Here is my 100 word statement on how the painting relates to the "On the Edge" theme:

Dr. Frankenstein’s promise, as is his Creation, lies on the edge literally and metaphorically. While the Monster is only an unfinished sketch of human existence, he is more loosely rendered the further over the edge he is. As his outer appearance is ugly and full of scars, his mind (the head being the most tightly rendered) is more complete as the Monster learns and understands philosophy. However, even with his knowledge of philosophy, he too is on the edge -- forced there by his Maker -- forcing the Monster to be the ultimate “consequence” to the Maker abandoning his “creation.”

Artwork © J. Anthony Kosar.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Joined Twitter...

Hey guys, I just joined Twitter! So if you are on it,...
stop by and say Hello!
(I'm still figuring it out!)

You can visit my Twitter page - HERE