Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Face Off Episode 507 Critique

As we are gearing up to watch tonight's episode of Face Off, here it my critique from last week's episode 7 of season 5 on Syfy.com.

In this episode, the one and only Mistress of the Dark, Elvira drops in for the Foundation Challenge in which artists had to create a younger, hip, edgy version of herself.  I feel that Roy was the only one who met all aspects of this challenge, and I fully agree with his victory.  I also really liked Laura's foundation challenge, and felt is was beautiful and should have been on the cover of a fashion magazine, or walking down a runway.  Even though I really liked Laura's, there was nothing "Elvira" about it.

For the Spotlight Challenge, the contestants had to create a character that can live within an iconic art movement: Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Expressionism, or Constructivism.  This is a challenge based on what I love: Art History.  Personally, I feel about half of the artists did not understand the particular art movement they selected.  For instance, Alana's character could fit better in the world of Cubism rather than Constructivism.  Eddie selected Expressionism, yet chose Van Gogh, a Post Impressionist to influence his character design.  The victor, Laura, understood her art movement, and created a stunning character with bold shapes and colors that looked like it walked right out of a Cubism painting.  As an artist, though I do not like Cubism or Picasso, I loved Laura's character and would say that it is my favorite character make-up Laura created in both her Season 3 and thus far Season 5.  I also want to note that I really enjoyed Frank's character as well, and felt his not only should have been in top looks, but would have been a close second to Laura's make-up.  Frank's character not only fit the theme and his art movement, but he was the only artist to create a background attached to the model, so that his make-up was not just a figure on a blank white canvas, it was a full composition filling the frame.

Overall, I feel most of the make-ups were amazing, and it was a fun challenge to watch.  I definitely wish we had a challenge like this on my season!

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