Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cover Art for Buckaroo Banzai Comic...

Hardest of the Hard 7.3" x 10.85" Gouache on Illustration Board

Here it is,... my first comic book cover for Moonstone Books.
This painting is the Variant Cover for . . .

Buckaroo Banzai: Hardest of the Hard
The Ballad of Lady G (Part 1 of 2)

. . . scheduled to hit comic shops and book stores in September 2009.

Here is the entire painting without the logo and some details of the painting (click images to view larger):

Art and Details can also be seen on my website: HERE

Story: Earl Mac Rauch

Art: Shawn Van Briessen, Mark Stegbauer
Colors: James Brown
Covers: J. Anthony Kosar (Above Images); David Easterly (Below Image)

Moonstone Books - 32pgs, color, $3.99
Release Date: September 2009

"In this wild and wooly rockin’ adventure, find out the secrets of the woman who likes all things that are pointy. What was she like before this exquisite and bad ass bass player joined the Hong Kong Cavaliers, and how did she join up? Join Buckaroo as he uses stealth, a Gatling gun, Reno’s head, and some squishy mutates to extricate her from her trouble, as well as mop up a sloppy mess! What is her hush-hush all-seeing connection with the World Crime League? Was it a love connection at first sight with Perfect Tommy and Lady G? And remember, as always, the watermelon is optional. RETAILER INCENTIVE: if you order 5 copies or more, you receive one FREE variant J. Anthony Kosar cover edition! One variant per store limit." ~ popculturezoo.com

Here is the other cover by David Easterly.

Top Illustrations © J. Anthony Kosar.

Blue Cover Illustration © David Easterly.
Comic Book © Moonstone Entertainment, Inc.

SATANIC PANIC Mask Production Line...

While I was at Zagone Studios a couple weeks ago pitching concepts for their 2010 line, which I have begun sculpting, I took some pictures of my SATANIC PANIC Mask as they are being produced, . . . I still love seeing this process! Look for the SATANIC PANIC Mask this Halloween at your local costume shops! I'm not sure which shops around the country will be selling them, so keep your eyes on the lookout!! Here is some press on the mask:

"The mask, which you can see in all its badass glory . . .
was sculpted by
J. Anthony Kosar, a young kid who's got
a helluva lot of promise if his website’s any indication."


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Click HERE to see the Mask Making Process.

Mask © J. Anthony Kosar & Zagone Studios, LLC.