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Serving all artistic needs, award-winning artist J. Anthony Kosar's company Kosart Effects Studios, LLC is dedicated to quality Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Storyboards, Concept Art, Sculpture, Creature FX, Special FX Make-up, Masks, Props. 

Made an official LLC in 2008, Kosar has been doing business as Kosart Effects since his first foam-latex prosthetic in 2002, and has since been working out of the basement, garage, and anywhere else he could find the space.  In April 2011, the opened the doors to his first commercial space, his very own gallery / studio / workshop in Westmont, IL, and finally has the space to work on his many different projects of many media.

Since April 2011, and between projects, Kosar has been teaching specialized courses in Art and FX at his KOSART ATELIER: School for Entertainment Arts with students from all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.  "Atelier" is a form of fine art instruction modeled after the historic private art studios of Europe, and consists of a professional artist working with a small number of students to train them in a specific field of art.  At KOSART ATELIER, Kosar trains his students in sculpting and painting techniques used in both Fine and Commercial Art, but geared towards the Art of Special Effects.  On FACE OFF Season 7, Kosar had 2 students compete on Season 7, one being Dina Cimarusti who was crowned CHAMPION of her season! 

With his love and appreciation for art, Kosar has been holding group art exhibitions featuring well-known and award-winning artists from all over the worlds.  Our main exhibition that has been causing a stir since the first one in October 2011 is the Annual MALEFICIUM: Dark Art Exhibition that has become a Chicagoland Halloween-time tradition, and is Chicagoland's BEST and LARGEST Halloween themed art show, now with over 50 top fine artists, illustrators, sculptors, make-up and FX artists, concept artists, photographers, and now film directors.

Despite the familiar connotation of the word “effects,” the name “KOSART Effects” not only encompasses Kosar's alter ego of special effects, but also of all his art and everything that he is. The word “effect” means “end result” and “the extent to which something succeeds.” In a way, “KOSART Effects” is more of a promise to himself and to the world, a promise best said in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, “So much has been done. More, far more, will I achieve; treading in the footsteps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.”


About the Artist J. Anthony Kosar

J. Anthony Kosar is the FACE OFF Season 4 Champion, winning on March 26th, 2013 during the Season Finale in Las Vegas.  FACE OFF, a reality-based competition on the Syfy Channel is the biggest competition for Make-Up FX, and Kosar won 6 of the 11 Spotlight Challenges, plus 1 of 4 Foundation Challenges, setting the record of most consecutive wins in a row and most wins by a single contestant on a single season.  Of his Spotlight wins, he won the DC Superhero challenge where his winning character "The Infernal Core" appeared in the DC comic JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #16, and also won the DEFIANCE challenge where he shadowed the FX make-up crew on set in Toronto, Canada.  Kosar recently was selected as one of 6 all-star contestants to assist the judges in the Syfy special FACE OFF : Judge Match, where Kosar was chosen to be on Neville's team and along with Miranda Jory, helped Neville to victory.  Kosar returns to FACE OFF as a coach on Season 8 this January 2015.  Kosar is an award-winning artist who specializes in Fine Art, Illustration, Sculpture, Creature Design, Make-up FX, and Product Design through his company Kosart Effects Studios, LLC. In 2007, he interned at legendary Stan Winston Studio creating effects for INDIANA JONES 4 and James Cameron's AVATAR. Kosar designs and sculpts Halloween masks for Zagone Studios, one of the leading mask manufacturers in the world.  He creates special effects for theater, film, and commercials, and between projects, teaches the art of FX through Kosart Atelier: School for Entertainment Arts in Westmont, IL.  Besides FX, Kosar is an internationally awarded fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor, having been awarded by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Watercolor Society, Illinois Watercolor Society, and several others.  In 2009, he was named "One to Watch" by Watercolor Artist Magazine.  His work has been selected to appear in SPLASH 13: Best of Watercolor, and volumes 19 & 20 of SPECTRUM: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, and he was selected as a Judge for SPECTRUM 21.  He designs and sculpts prototypes for toys, collectibles and medical anatomical models, illustrates for novels and comic books, curates art gallery exhibitions, and creates fine art paintings and sculptures. Kosar was Valedictorian of the class of 2008 at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL earning his BFA in Illustration. See Kosar's work on his website: www.kosarteffects.com

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