Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art for SPIDER:Judgement Knight #1...

The Hunt 12x5.75 Gouache on Illustration Board

This is #3 in a series of 10 illustrations I painted (see 2 more illustrations on my website - HERE) for Moonstone Entertainment, Inc for the interior art of the 1st issue in the 1st ever on-going Spider series . . .

. . . scheduled to hit comic shops and book stores in July 2009.

"The Spider: the most violent and ruthless of all crime fighters…more just than the law, more dangerous than the underworld…hated, feared, and wanted by both. A cloaked, fanged, borderline crazy denizen of the dark force-feeding hard justice with a pair of ‘45’s! Senseless slaughter accompanies a new string of bold and audacious heists, and only the Spider can stop it…but at a price so steep, can even the Spider hope to pay it?" ~

Story: CJ Henderson
Art: J. Anthony Kosar
Cover: Gary Carbon
Moonstone Books - 40pgs, b/w, $3.50
Release Date: July 2009

See all 10 SPIDER Illustrations HERE

Once the book is published, all 10 illustrations will be displayed.
Keep posted!

Top B&W Illustration © J. Anthony Kosar.
Cover Illustration © Gary Carbon.

SATANIC PANIC Mask gets Press...

Introducing my SATANIC PANIC Mask. More pictures can be seen HERE. Based off the TOBY creature I designed for the horror film SATANIC PANIC*, this mask was designed and created for Zagone Studios. Like the Alien, this little demon also made his appearance at the 09 Transworld HCP Show in Las Vegas on March 6th-9th.

Check out the Press on the mask:

"The mask, which you can see in all its badass glory . . . was sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar, a young kid who's got a helluva lot of promise if his website’s any indication."

Read the entire article from - HERE
Read another article from - HERE
Read another article from - HERE

Look for this guy at a costume shop near you for Halloween 2009!

Click HERE to see the Mask Making Process.

* The TOBY silicone creature suit I made will soon be displayed on my website. Check back for updates.

Mask © J. Anthony Kosar & Zagone Studios, LLC.

Alien Mask Posted on Website...

Introducing my Alien Mask with an Action-Moving Mouth that moves with the wearer. This is the second Halloween mask I designed and created for Zagone Studios. Coming from light-years away, he made his first appearance at the 2009 Transworld International Halloween, Costume, and Party Trade Show in Las Vegas on March 6th-9th. Look for this guy at a costume shop near you for Halloween 2009!

Click HERE to see the process.

Mask © J. Anthony Kosar & Zagone Studios, LLC.

KOSART Effects gets a Face-Lift...

Here is my new logo for my business Kosart Effects Studios, LLC. Check out my website to see it in action!

Logo © J. Anthony Kosar.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Accepted into AWS 2009-2010 Traveling Show...

Never Known, Never Forgotten 14x11 Gouache on Illustration Board

Once again I am honored by the American Watercolor Society! My painting Never Known, Never Forgotten not only has been awarded the Dong Kingman Award in the American Watercolor Society's 142nd Annual International Exhibition, but will also be in the 2009-2010 Traveling Show! Only 40 paintings are selected for the Traveling Show! The show will begin from March 31st through April 26th, 2009 at the Salmagundi Club in New York (47 Fifth Ave. bet 11th and 12th St. New York, NY), and will then make its way to:

Keep posted for more information and pictures as I plan on attending the Show and Presentation Dinner in New York on April 24th. And if you are anywhere near one of these places during the given dates, check out the show and let me know what you think.

Artwork © J. Anthony Kosar.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Sedona International Film Festival...

From February 24 through March 1, 2009, my sister Melissa Kosar and I were at the Sedona International Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona. Her film The Doll Hospital was one of 140 films for the 2009 Official Selection. The film showed twice, once on Friday and once on Sunday, and it was very well recieved by all who viewed the film.

In 2008, The Doll Hospital won 2nd Place in Lifetime Movie Network's Every Woman's Film Competition, and received Fan Favorite in the same competition on thanks to all your votes and support!

Due to our schedule with the Film Festival, we were not able to go on any hikes or jeep excursions, however, we did make it to several of Sedona's renowned art galleries, and most importantly, we met some amazing filmmakers, talented actors, saw 28 wonderful films, and made many new friends. Overall it was a great time!!

Here are some pictures from the week...

(Above) Now Showing: The Doll Hospital by Melissa Kosar.

(Above) There was a question and answer following the films. Melissa's short film preceeded the feature Nothing Really Matters, an amazing film by Jean-Marc Piché (pictured above on the left).

(Above) Melissa and I had the priveledge of meeting Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond) who was there with a film she acted in Play The Game.

Melissa and I with Jim Colletti (Chair, Board of Directors for Sedona International Film Festival) at one of the afterparties for filmmakers.

(Above) Melissa and I with Actor/Director Giancarlo Esposito (Gospel Hill).

(Above) Melissa and I with Director Marc Kess (Mildred Richards).
(click image to enlarge)

(Above) Melissa and I with Filmmaker Dan Merchant (Lord Save Us From Your Followers).

(Above) Melissa and I withe the same Orson Welles' camera he used for Citizen Kane. (click image to enlarge)

* * * * * *

Here are a couple panaramic photos I took of the scenery, . . . what a backdrop!
(click images to enlarge)

* * * * * *
Also, if you get the chance, watch the following films...

The Doll Hospital, Sebastian's Voodoo, Nothing Really Matters, The Great Buck Howard, The Baker, Play the Game, An Unlikely Weapon, Gospel Hill, Mildred Richards, Lord Save Us From Your Followers, Daniel Finds his Walking Stick, Sunshine Cleaning, Bending Space: Georges Rousse and The Durham Project, and The Suicide Tourist.

These films (listed in no special order) are a great mix from light hearted and funny to dark and depressing. There were so many others we wanted to see but were unable to.

The Doll Hospital image @ Melissa Kosar