Monday, November 30, 2009

Per Soldi

I know I haven't updated anything in some time, and have much to update from several conventions and trade shows, to art exhibitions, FX projects, and more... hopefully I can get them updated soon. But for now, I thought I'd show you a new personal Fine Art painting I painted recently. It felt really good to paint something for myself again, a nice break from freelance work.

Per Soldi 12" x 17" Gouache on Illustration Board

The title "Per Soldi" is Italian for "For Money," it just sounds better in Italian. Painted in 9 days, once again I whipped out my small brushes for some tiny detail work. One of the parts I'm most proud of is the Lire (Italian money before the Euro). In the detail images (below), the Italian Lire are pictured larger here than they are painted in order to see the needle point details I added. All the words are there, some in block letters!


The painting was also added to my website HERE
...and the details added to my website HERE

Per Soldi © J. Anthony Kosar