Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lovecraft's INNSMOUTH KickStarter Project with JOSHUA HOFFINE and DOUG JONES!

Announcing my latest collaboration with world-renown Horror Photographer JOSHUA HOFFINE, INNSMOUTH

After several successful projects including the epic zombie photograph LAST STAND, the short film about a boogeyman BLACK LULLABY, and the series of photographs featuring teenage monsters going to prom in MONSTER PROM, we are teaming up again to create our take on H.P. Lovecraft's SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH.  This is a photography project that will center around the story's main character as he is trapped and cornered by a mob of angry monstrous Deep Ones! 

 This INNSMOUTH project will be starring the famous creature performer DOUG JONES best known for his amazing portrayal of characters such as The Gentleman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Abe Sapien in the Hellboy series, El Fauno and The Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth, and his recent role in the TNT series Falling Skies, but this time, he will be the HUMAN being attacked by the monsters!

After doing a lot of research, Joshua and I wanted to make our Deep Ones more monstrous and terrifying than what we have seen.  Many of the Deep Ones we have seen were too human or more sympathetic looking cancerous mutants.  We wanted monsters.  A bunch of different characters at different stages of their transformation into the horrible fish monsters described in the story.

I designed all of the "Deep One" fish-frog-human mutant creatures of INNSMOUTH, and the creatures were created by me and my artists at KOSART STUDIOS, including Face Off Season 7 Champion Dina Cimarusti, Stevie Calabrese, Neil Viola, Matt Kapolczynski, Face Off Season 7 contestant Scott Mitchell, and Face Off Season 8 contestant Jamie Leodones.

This project was just released on KickStarter HERE and you can get some awesome REWARDS including Photo Prints, and the creature maquette mini-bust, and the ACTUAL wearable Face Masks and Full Head Masks and Display Busts created specifically for this project by me and my artists at Kosart Studios.  Here are some of the full masks and busts being sculpted at Kosart Studios:

From the KickStarter campaign:

"INNSMOUTH is ultimately a photography project, the latest of many by renowned Horror photographer JOSHUA HOFFINE. The subject of INNSMOUTH is taken from H. P. LOVECRAFT’s 1931 tale The Shadow over Innsmouth.  In this story a young man decides to visit a decrepit seaside town named Innsmouth and is unexpectedly trapped overnight, facing a terrifying encounter with the townsfolk who all belong to an aquatic-god-worshipping cult of mutant fish people.

"JOSHUA’s goal is to capture this terror in one stunningly horrifying photograph.

"The photograph will be composed of an Innsmouth street with the human protagonist of the story surrounded by transformed mutant townsfolk and Deep Ones. As a special treat, the amazing actor DOUG JONES has signed on to play the part of the human protagonist in this photograph.

"The townsfolk and Deep Ones surrounding the photograph’s protagonist will be actual performers as well, but they will be wearing elaborate masks and prosthetics designed and sculpted by Face Off Season 4  Champion and Season 8 Coach and award-winning artist J. ANTHONY KOSAR, and brought to life by his artists at KOSART STUDIOS, including Anthony's student and friend, Face Off Season 8 Champion DINA CIMARUSTI.

"From the elaborate set, to the movie-worthy creature effects, to the amazing star DOUG JONES, this will be the most ambitious photograph JOSHUA HOFFINE has created in his career to date. We’d love for you to be a part of it and help bring this image to life!

"A lot of work has already been accomplished, but we need your help to complete this epic project. We’ve crafted some incredible cumulative gifts for your generous donations because we want to make this project just as amazing and fun for you as it is for us! There are copies of the final photograph itself, as well as a slew of LOVECRAFT collectibles that we believe are unique to this campaign. Take a look and let us know just how excited you are to be a part of our project!

"Contribute what you can, and please pass this link on to everyone in your social networks. We know there are fans of JOSHUA, ANTHONY, DOUG, and LOVECRAFT out there that would love the opportunity to help make this project become a reality!"

"We’ve been having a blast concocting our Lovecraft collectible ideas and hope you like them as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting them. You’ll also find very high quality prints of JOSHUA’s final INNSMOUTH photograph offered in increasing sizes, and some unbelievably grand masks and props from the workshop of J. ANTHONY KOSAR and KOSART STUDIOS!"

So please spread the word, and donate to this awesome project!  The sculptures are in the process of being completed, and sets still have to be built, and costumes to be made, so please help us complete this epic art project and get yourself some awesome rewards!  Contribute HERE

Concept Art, Innsmouth Sculptures, Teenage Monster Boy Sculptures, and Kosart Photos © Kosart Studios, LLC. 
Monster Prom and Last Stand Photos © Joshua Hoffine.  
Doug Jones Character photos © their respective owners.  All rights reserved.