Thursday, March 19, 2009

SATANIC PANIC Mask gets Press...

Introducing my SATANIC PANIC Mask. More pictures can be seen HERE. Based off the TOBY creature I designed for the horror film SATANIC PANIC*, this mask was designed and created for Zagone Studios. Like the Alien, this little demon also made his appearance at the 09 Transworld HCP Show in Las Vegas on March 6th-9th.

Check out the Press on the mask:

"The mask, which you can see in all its badass glory . . . was sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar, a young kid who's got a helluva lot of promise if his website’s any indication."

Read the entire article from - HERE
Read another article from - HERE
Read another article from - HERE

Look for this guy at a costume shop near you for Halloween 2009!

Click HERE to see the Mask Making Process.

* The TOBY silicone creature suit I made will soon be displayed on my website. Check back for updates.

Mask © J. Anthony Kosar & Zagone Studios, LLC.

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