Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KOSAR in SPLASH 13: The Best of Watercolor!

I am so honored to have had my painting Never Known, Never Forgotten accepted into SPLASH 13: Alternative Approaches.  This annual features the best in watercolor, and includes so many beautiful works of art from so many talented watercolorists!  They say that painting with watercolor is the hardest form of painting as it is an unforgiving media.  Mistakes can not be covered or painted over like other forms of painting due to the transparent quality of watercolor, and once the white of the paper is lost, you can never get it back.  Most watercolorists allow the water to do its thing.  As a hyper-realist, I like to be in complete control of the watercolor.  I feel that controlling watercolor is like controlling the uncontrollable, and that challenge is why I love it!  Thank you to F+W Media, and North Light Books for this honor! 

Be sure to get your copy today HERE.

Never Known, Never Forgotten
by J. Anthony Kosar   14"x11" Watercolor & Gouache on Illustration Board

Looking for a gift for the holidays?  If you are interested in purchasing a pack of greeting cards or a limited edition, signed and numbered giclée print of Never Known, Never Forgotten, please email studio@kosarteffects.com

Never Known, Never Forgotten © J. Anthony Kosar.
Splash 13 © F+W Media.

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