Monday, December 10, 2012

Featured in BLICK Fall Catalog & Blood on the Plain!

Recently, my work was featured in the Blick Fall printed catalog, encouraging artists to "Try Something New" ... and in this case, they are talking about molding and casting.  Featured is the work I did in 2011 on the short film Blood on the Plain by Watercooler Productions where I created the indigenous creatures that slaughter the students at a High School dance.  Check out the feature online HERE and see some of the process of creating these monsters, as well as what materials you can use to create your own!! 

Blick has always been a big supporter of my work, thanks to my friend and fellow artist Kevin Sandstrom!  I used to work at the Blick in Wheaton during college when I would never take home a paycheck (I was buying art supplies to experiment and perfect my craft)!  I have been fortunate to be invited to do demos and appearances at the Blick store and the Blick booth at Wizard Comic Con and C2E2 over the years.  Blick is also one of the sponsors of my FX Classes and Workshops I teach at my studio.  So, I can definitely confirm what their slogan says, "Artists pick Blick!"

For those of you interested, you can watch BLOOD ON THE PLAIN on YouTube HERE

And see more pictures of the Making of the
BLOOD ON THE PLAIN Monsters on my website HERE

Sculpt & Process Pictures © J. Anthony Kosar.
Blood on the Plain © Watercooler Productions.
Blick Website image courtesy of Blick Art Materials.

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