Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sponsored by The MONSTER MAKERS!

Kosart Effects Studios is proud to add THE MONSTER MAKERS to our list of sponsors for our FX Classes!!

The Monster Makers was founded in 1986 when owner Arnold Goldman began selling some basic mask making supplies through the back of Fangoria Magazine. Today, almost twenty two years later, The Monster Makers has grown into one of the leading suppliers of three dimensional Special Effects Materials in the Industry.

I am really excited about this!  Though I have always had a love for monsters and movies, and have been heavily inspired by Stan Winston, Rick Baker, Dick Smith, Jordu Schell, and many others, I owe my getting involved with Special Effects to Arnold Goldman of The Monster Makers.  Back in 2002 when I was only 16, I had the crazy idea of making my very first foam-latex prosthetic, The Zombie.  At that time there was little resource for aspiring make-up and fx artists, and the only resource I could find online was The Monster Makers.  I immediately ordered a catalog and was amazed by the various FX materials offered, and Arnold was always available for guidance.  Arnold walked me through the processes over the next 3 months of sculpting, molding, and casting my very first prosthetic, helping me to make a successful appliance on my first time.

In 2004, my senior year of high school, I took a 2 day seminar in Cleveland, Ohio at The Monster Makers which featured Doug Henderson teaching Make-Up FX (Day 1) and Rick Stern teaching Animatronics (Day 2).  It was a great experience to finally meet Arnold, and I learned a great deal of useful techniques in the creation of FX at this seminar that continued to further my growth in FX.

Without Arnold Goldman's continued guidance, I would never have been able to reach the level in FX I have reached today.

Here is what Arnold says of my classes:

"If you are in the Chicagoland area don't miss your opportunity to learn from one of the best artists around. J. Anthony Kosar is the real deal. And so are his classes. Monster Makers offers our highest endorsement and recommendation for these seminars! You can enroll in a high priced fx program, or you can learn from the best instructor around and not go into debt in the process!"
(President of The Monster Makers, Sponsor of KFX Classes)
The Monster Makers Logo © The Monster Makers.
The Zombie © 2002 J. Anthony Kosar & Kosart Effects Studios, LLC.
Art & FX works pictured in group photo © respective artists.
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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Ahh Monster Makers!! How awesome. They are the site I have been stalking for a few years now.. once I have the money I would love to get one of their start up kits.

As I would love to still take your class!

Edward said...

I hope there will be thousands of new good Monster SFX Makers will make billions of new Monster Mutation Movies soon. And I really hope they will do millions of Air-Bladders Special Effects on new horror films too.

Anonymous said...

Horror Filmmakers should hire a lot of new good Monster Special Make-Up Effects Artists who are as good and remarkable as DICK SMITH, ROB BOTTIN, and RICK BAKER to make many many new Creepy Horror Films and thousands of Body Mutating Monster Films.

Anonymous said...

Dick Smith did his special effects the movie "SPASMS" in 1983, and I seriously think the other new Special Makeup Effects Artists and Filmmakers should make Ten to Twenty Sequels about the film "Spasms" and do a lot of body explosions and body morphing mutations with hundreds of crazy air-bladders SFX and make-up SFX that as creepy as the oniginal 1983 "Spasms" only a little more creepier and eerie.