Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life-Casting for BLOOD ON THE PLAIN

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a short film Blood on the Plain directed by Mac Eldridge of Watercooler Productions, which is soon to be a feature. I designed the creatures for the film and am currently sculpting the monsters.

Part western. Part horror. Blood on the Plain is a self-aware pulp exploration of a town in the wake of tragedy. Following a savage massacre at the Wadsworth High School Homecoming Dance, the townspeople take up arms and—under the guidance of four seasoned trackers—set out in search of justice. It's the marriage of fear and anger which fuels these efforts and ultimately signals their failure. Those who remain will be forced to square off with the assailants; a breed of man never before seen and born of a previous generation's offense.

I have a make-up / screen test on May 15th, and the creature FX scenes shoot on May 21st and 22nd. Though I cannot yet share the creature concepts for the film, below are some pictures from the life-casting session of actor Kevin Lucero Less. Working with me are my FX assistants Eric Berson and Joseph Kosar.

Having some fun with a sharpie (unknown to the actor):

My assistant Eric and I with the actor Lucero and Director Mac:

Here is the Kosart Effects Studios team with
the actor Luce (Eric, my dad Joseph, and I):

Here are the lifecasts...
3 Rigid Urethane Foam, one ShellShock, and one Ultracal-30:

Keep posted for pictures of the Creature FX designs, appliance sculpture, and applications!

Blood on the Plains © Watercooler Productions.
Life-casting Pictures © 2011 Kosart Effects Studios, LLC.

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