Friday, December 10, 2010

More Art for The SPIDER: The Iron Man War

Master of the Machine 11.5" x 17" Photoshop

Here is my recently released pin-up art for Moonstone Books for their graphic novel/novella adaptation of Norvell E. Page's epic SPIDER story . . .

. . . scheduled to hit comic shops and book stores April 2011. I will be doing front and back covers as well as all the interiors!! ... A total of 33 illustrations all together!

Originally meant to be 3 separate issues, this piece was to be the cover for the 3rd and final issue. But instead, it will be released as a single graphic novel! This piece will now be used as a pin-up inside the book. The 2nd issue cover being used on the back cover, with the original 1st issue cover illustration remaining on the front cover. Here is an article from before the three issues became a single graphic novel HERE (the black and white painting used in the article isn't one of mine...My black and white illustrations will be posted when the book is released)

Here are some details of the painting (click image to view larger):

Art and Details can also be seen on my website: HERE

Story: Norvell W. Page, Howard Hopkins
Cover and Interior Art: J. Anthony Kosar
Moonstone Books 66pgs, greyscaled painted b/w, squarebound, $7.99

A story so action packed, that it wouldn’t be fair to have anyone wait to read it as separate issues! A Wide-Vision graphic novel by award-winning painter J. Anthony Kosar, based on the novel published in the Dec. 1939 issue of THE SPIDER!

THE SPIDER—cloaked, fanged nightmare in black—delivers swift justice with a pair of .45 automatics. Midnight shadows cast doom over exclusive Sutton Place—under attack by new evil in terror warfare—a sinister criminal mastermind in power armor named The Iron Man!

Read the story (originally The SPIDER: Satans Murder Machines) that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster used for a 1940 SUPERMAN comic strip and that Stan Lee/Larry Lieber used for the 1963 story in TALES OF SUSPENSE #39!!

Make sure to read the interview at!!

Artwork by J. Anthony Kosar.
Comic Book © Moonstone Entertainment, Inc.
Article ©
Characters © its respective owners.

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