Friday, December 10, 2010

Kosar's CLOWNIN' AROUND Mask Featured in New SEILER Illustration

When my friend and amazingly talented caricaturist and illustrator Jason Seiler asked to use my CLOWNIN' AROUND mask I designed and sculpted (pictured left and below) as reference for one of his illustrations titled CLOWN BE GONE, there was no hesitation from me. Jason and I attended the American Academy of Art together, and it has been really fun following Jason's work over the years and seeing how far he has come, especially now to have my work honored in his work! Check out his new illustration painted as a promotional piece for Richard Solomon Artists Representative...

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Here's what Jason said in his blog:

"I need to thank my good friend and talented artists Anthony Kosar for lending me a clown mask that he designed and made. I used his mask for reference and decided to keep my character close to his design as a nod to him and his great work. Check out Anthony's work here.
Thanks Anthony, you da man!"
~ Jason Seiler

Thank you Jason!

Make sure you check out Jason's AMAZING work on his website and blog!!

My CLOWNIN' AROUND Mask is a half-mask designed and sculpted for Zagone Studios in 2009 for the Halloween 2010 season. With the half-mask design, the wearer's lower jaw and chin is exposed and becomes part of the mask, giving it a much more unique, animated, and life-like quality than most masks. The version Jason used as reference was my prototype paint sample with a jester hat. The final production version the studio went with for cost and fit is the version pictured with a baseball cap, which is the version available for purchase at Halloween stores everywhere.

And here I am "CLOWNIN' AROUND" in the mirror
after painting the mask at Zagone Studios in 2009...

Final Mask with Baseball Cap Available for $30 USD + S&H

Contact me if you would like to purchase this Halloween mask signed.
NOTE: Jester Hat Version NOT available for purchase. Baseball Cap Version only Available.

To see the mask sculpting process,
visit my website HERE.

CLOWN BE GONE illustration and sketch © 2010 Jason Seiler.
CLOWNIN' AROUND Mask & Design © 2009 J. Anthony Kosar and Zagone Studios, LLC.
All Rights Reserved.


Ramin said...

That is a great mask.

J. Anthony Kosar said...

Thank you!!

Daniel Domingos said...

Hello Anthony, how are you?

My name is Daniel Domingos, and I live in Brazil.
Always accompany the work of Jason Seiler and confess that I am a great fan of his work.
Today I had the great pleasure to get to know your work.
Simply amazing! You're to be congratulated.

Daniel Domingos

J. Anthony Kosar said...

Hi Daniel, Thank you so much for checking out my work! I really appreciate the feedback! Yes, Jason is a great artist who I'm proud to call a friend! You have some great artwork on your site!!