Sunday, October 3, 2010

EX GOV - Blago Mask Posted to Website...

My 4th and final Halloween masks for this 2010 Halloween Season is the EX GOV Mask, of Illinois' Ex Governor "Blago." This mask was designed and created for Zagone Studios, made exclusively for Fantasy Costumes in Chicago, IL. Usually I sculpt my masks for Zagone a year in advance, but this one was a one-week rush sculpt done the last week of August. The request from Fantasy Costumes came in about a week til deadline, so there was a real rush to get it done and manufactured in time for this season. It was definitely a challenge as this is the first caricature likeness I've sculpted, but really enjoyed it and learned a lot! I am very pleased with the way it turned out, with just enough exaggeration while keeping his likeness. Luckily, Blago is already a caricature! The EX-GOV Halloween mask is available for purchase exclusively through Fantasy Costumes.

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Ex-Gov mask sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar.
Ex-Gov Mask © 2010 Zagone Studios, LLC and Kosart Effects Studios, LLC.
Photo of Ex-Gov mask in Orange Jumpsuit courtesy of Fantasy Costumes.


SEILER said...

Turned out great Anthony!

J. Anthony Kosar said...

Thanks Jason! That means a lot coming from the caricature master!!