Monday, October 25, 2010

Art for BUMP - A Collaboration with Horror Artist/Author Mark Kidwell

Here is the cover for artist, author, and friend Mark Kidwell's Novel of Extreme Horror BUMP, based on his horror comic book series of the same title. This is the first novel to be published by The Scream Factory, and I am proud to be a part of it! Kidwell did the initial drawings for the front and back cover illustrations and I digitally painted them in Photoshop. Pre-orders begin October 26, 2010 HERE

Here is the top of the back cover:

I also did an additional composition for other purposes such as advertising for the novel
(click image to enlarge):

And here is to show the Kidwell / Kosar collaboration:
(click images to enlarge)

Also see the images on my website

"Expanding the horrific story told in the sellout four issue graphic comic mini-series (now also available as a collected edition graphic novel), Mark Kidwell’s BUMP is presented here, for the first time, as a brutal, novel-length roller coaster ride through hell. Praised as a classic cautionary tale with all the trappings of a haunted house story, a blood-soaked slasher film and a no-holds-barred monster movie, BUMP will crawl under your skin…And leave splinters on its way out."

Pre-order HERE

BUMP: A Ghost Story With Teeth

Publisher: The Scream Factory; First Edition (December 2010)

Language: English

Product Description and Dimensions: Paperback, 6 x 9 inches

Price: $14.95

Artwork by Mark Kidwell and J. Anthony Kosar 2010.
Bump Novel © Mark Kidwell & The Scream Factory.
Bump & All Related Characters TM & © 2008 Alder County Entertainment, LLC. A.R.R.

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