Thursday, September 30, 2010


Announcing the first give-away contest from J. Anthony Kosar & Kosart Effects Studios!

Win a signed GARGOYLE Mask or a signed VENUSIAN Mask, FREE!! Two Contests Before Halloween Beginning Monday October 11th, one for each mask!!

To enter, go to

This is something that will take place more often with free prizes ranging from art prints, comics, masks, and even original artwork, all signed! First is a double Halloween Mask Giveaway! My 1st masks for Zagone Studios, the GARGOYLE & VENUSIAN can be yours, FREE!

Contests are open for only 5 days each! Don't miss this opportunity!!

GARGOYLE Contest begins Mon, Oct 11th & ends Fri, Oct 15th at Midnight (central standard time).

VENUSIAN Contest begins Mon, Oct 18th & ends Fri, Oct 22nd at Midnight (central standard time).

To enter, go to

Join page by clicking LIKE and answer question for that contest. First question for GARGOYLE Mask will be posted on October 11, and the question for the VENUSIAN Mask will be posted on October 18th. Anyone can enter!! Pass it on!

Entry Rules:

One entry per person per contest. Make sure to enter each contest! Questions will be posted on beginning dates. GARGOYLE Contest begins Monday, October 11th and ends Friday, October 15th at Midnight (central standard time). VENUSIAN Contest begins Monday, October 18th and ends Friday, October 22nd at Midnight (central standard time). Comments have no bearing on outcome of contest, there is no right answer! Inappropriate answers, however, will be removed and disqualified from contest. Comments are printed, divided, and raffled to randomly select winners. Only ONE winner per contest, only ONE mask per winner. Winners will be announced on the following Monday, and contacted for mailing address to have masks ready for Halloween! Masks signed by artist J. Anthony Kosar!

Each mask was designed and sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar, and is handmade in Chicago, IL USA by Zagone Studios, LLC. Masks are made of Rubber Latex. J. Anthony Kosar, Kosart Effects Studios LLC, and Zagone Studios LLC is not responsible for misuse of wearing mask. Gargoyle and Venusian Masks © 2008 J. Anthony Kosar and Zagone Studios, LLC. Facebook not affiliated with this contest.

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