Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Part of My Mask Sculpting Process...

This is how my masks start off... I quickly sculpt a very rough head form with facial features first... Not only does the studio like a solid mass of clay for molding, but I enjoy doing this for added practice as sculptor just as a painter (the other side of me) does quick gesture drawings of the figure to quickly train the mind, eyes, and hands.... then I start turning it into a MONSTER! ... hmmm what will it be??

Last visit to Zagone Studios to mold up a new mask for 2011, I saw my first mask GARGOYLE of 2008 still on the production line waiting to get painted!

I will hopefully be posting my 4th and final mask for the 2010 Halloween Season end of this week once it is officially released.

Head Form Sculpt © 2010 J. Anthony Kosar and Kosart Effects Studios, LLC.
Gargoyle Mask © 2008 J. Anthony Kosar and Zagone Studios, LLC.

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