Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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I apologize for my blog hiatus, lots of projects in the works, most of which I haven't been able to post, and won't be able to post for some time yet. However, as time has progressed, I am finally able to post some new work, including masks and more. Also, I have many events to followup on, including C2E2, ICON6, even FANGORIA in Las Vegas from Halloween 2009!!! Geez, I fell behind on updates, but I guess being busy on projects is a good excuse, especially these days in these times, I'm lucky to have had the work. New masks and more in the coming posts, but for now, check out my FACEBOOK page, as I have finally begun uploading more and more of my work. And to all those who "like" my Facebook page, thank you all for your support! 900+ fans and growing!

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