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This is so cool!! Though I have been in a few articles on, this is my first time ever in the actual magazine!! Pictured is my Satanic Panic Halloween mask I designed and sculpted for Zagone Studios based of the silicone creature suit I designed and created (pictures coming soon) for the independent Horror film of the same title. The part where I am mentioned is highlighted. If anyone in interested in purchasing a signed Satanic Panic Halloween mask, send me an email!! The mask is pictured below:


"The mask, which you can see in all its badass glory . . .
was sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar, a young kid who's got
a helluva lot of promise if his website’s any indication."


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Click HERE to see the Mask Making Process.

It was also cool this Halloween season to see my mask hanging up in Halloween USA seasonal stores (BELOW)!! What can I say, I got geeked-out when I saw my mask on the rack!

Also, on October 13, 2009, SATANIC PANIC the movie was released worldwide on DVD and Blu-Ray. There is Making of the Satanic Panic Monster featurette in the special features section featuring the work of Kosart Effects Studios for the film with a cameo by Tony Zagone of Zagone Studios. The featurette was done by my sister, Melissa Kosar of Kos for Three Productions (check out her website and blog). This Creature FX featurette will be posted soon online so all who don't have the film can see. And separate from this feature is a slide show featuring my designs and drawings for the Toby creature.

If you are in the mood for a real independent, low-budget horror movie, order yours today on HERE

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