Monday, December 1, 2008

Visiting the new LEGACY EFFECTS...

After the tragedy of Stan Winston's death, there has been some changes to his studio. No longer called Stan Winston Studio, the FX shop is continuing Stan Winston's legacy with the newly formed Legacy Effects run by the same team of FX artists. As I interned in summer 2007 at Stan Winston Studio before Stan passed away, on this visit to California on November 17th, I had the honor to visit and tour the new facility and see some of the familiar faces I had the privilege of working with during my internship. Unfortunately my new camera was on a weird setting, resulting in grainy pictures.

Here is the amazing suit from Iron Man,
created just months before my internship began:
Here I am with some friends from the studio after we went out for lunch.
(From Left: Darnell Isom, Chris Burke, Me, and Cory Czekaj):
That evening, I met with Joseph Pepe, an amazing concept artist whom I met during my internship:
I also had time to stop by Schell Sculpture Studio and see my friend Jordu Schell, an amazing creature designer in Hollywood. It was so nice to see everybody again. I really enjoyed having the opportunity of listening to all their experiences and advice.

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Jason Seiler said...

That's pretty cool man, and a big congrats to your sister!!!