Thursday, December 4, 2008


On Black Friday, (November 28, 2008), the Independent Horror Creature Feature Film SATANIC PANIC by Marc Selz Productions premiered on at The Westin Chicago North Shore. It was exciting seeing my creature come alive on the big screen, as well as the other props I created! The SATANIC PANIC Halloween mask I sculpted for Zagone Studios was also unveiled at the premiere (pictures of the mask will be posted soon).

I designed and created the full body silicone creature suit. Unfortunately, pictures of the complete Creature FX cannot be released at this time until after securing distribution, but soon I will be posting "The Making Of" (I just cannot show the entire suit on the actress Nikki Taylor Melton).

I also designed and created several Special FX Props, including the Sacrificed Animals and Satanic Ritual Dagger which can be seen on my website by clicking the above links.

(The cloaked "goat-headed" guy in the poster above is not the "Creature" - for those of you wondering - but that is the Dagger I created).

Here are some pictures from the premiere:

Above: Rich Kryczka (Illustration Professor and Chair at the American Academy of Art), his wife Jennifer Oldis Kryczka,
and I before the 8pm show.

Above: The talented Nikki Taylor Melton
(the girl beneath my creature) and I.

More premiere pictures coming soon!

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