Friday, October 3, 2014

Kosar's work in IMAGINATIVE REALISM Show

I have my mini "Smokey Joe and the Inferno" in the IMAGINATIVE REALISM art show at the Yellow Springs Brewery in Yellow Springs, OH that is opening tomorrow Saturday October 4th from 6-9pm! This awesome show is curated by Travis Lewis and contains the work of a collective of amazing artists including Travis Lewis, Allen Williams, J Anthony Kosar, Fred Fields, Mark Poole, Chris Seaman, Dan Chudzinski, Alessandra Pisano, Tom Taggart, Matt Tisdale, Jacob Walker, Aaron B Miller and others.  If you are in Ohio this weekend, be sure to visit! Show runs through November 2nd, check it out!

Art in Imaginative Realism image © their respective artists.  
Mini Smokey Joe and the Inferno © J. Anthony Kosar.  
Photos of Mini Smokey Joe and the Inferno by Bear McGivney.

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