Friday, October 3, 2014


Enter the FREE Kosart Effects 2014 Halloween MONSTER MASK GIVE-AWAY!  4 Masks, 3 Social Networks, 4 Chances to WIN!  One Mask raffled off each week from now until Halloween!  Masks Signed by Mask Designer / Sculptor / Face Off Champion J. Anthony Kosar!  Win LION on Twitter ending 10/10.  Win SATANIC PANIC on Facebook ending 10/17.  Win BITE YOUR TONGUE on Instagram ending 10/24.  Win GARGOYLE on Facebook ending 10/31.  Here is how to enter in 3 simple steps:


STEP 1:  Follow / LIKE page @KOSARTeffects on Specified Social Network: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

STEP 2:  Like / Favorite this Contest Image Post on Specified Social Network.

STEP 3: Share, ReTweet, or RePost Contest Image to your Friends / Followers and be sure to Mention @KOSARTeffects and Tag post with #KosartMaskGiveAway

Winners selected at random by searching the tag #KosartMaskGiveAway on the specified Social Network.  One winner selected from Twitter on 10/11 for Lion Mask.  One winner selected from Facebook on 10/18 for Satanic Panic Mask. One winner selected from Instagram on 10/25 for Bite Your Tongue Mask.  One final winner selected from Facebook on 11/1 for Gargoyle Mask.  You can enter ALL four contests on all three social networks, or you can just enter one. It’s up to you!

Masks designed and sculpted by J. Anthony Kosar for Zagone Studios.
Masks © J. Anthony Kosar & Zagone Studios, LLC. 

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