Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Female Phantom Comic Released Today...

I didn't get to do my daily warm-up for today as I had to get some clay for sculpting, so I thought I'd post this instead...

My cover illustration for the Julie Walker as THE PHANTOM in "Race Against Death" by Moonstone was released to comic stores today! I do get geeked out when I see my art on the comic stands or my masks on the racks at Halloween stores,... what can I say? Anyway, I'm holding my covers, the regular priced cover and my variant going for $10. They were the only 2 left in the store! If anyone is interested in purchasing a signed copy in a protective sleeve, please contact me as my online store is not yet running.

"Race Against Death" Illustration © J. Anthony Kosar.
Comic Book © Moonstone Books.
The Phantom and other titles in background © respective owners.

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SEILER said...

Awesome bro, and your daily sketches are really nice man!