Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Face Off Episode 505 Critique

As we prepare to watch tonight's episode of Face Off, here is my critique of last week's episode 5 of Face Off Season 5 on Syfy.com.  In this challenge, artists had to create a "Mother Earth Goddess character inspired by their own mother."  They brought me back as a special guest star to not only introduce the challenge with some advice, but also mentor the contestants with Mr. Westmore and McKenzie during the walk through.  I was honored to be asked back on the show for this reason, and it was so cool to see everything from the other side and spend some time with Mr. Westmore and McKenzie.  I think that overall everybody did an excellent job with this challenge, incorporating nature in a beautiful way, I only wish the contestants tried bringing the prosthetics onto the face a bit to transform the models face rather than just relying with the model's already pretty features.  Congrats to Laura and Lyma, both in top looks with Laura taking the win, and both of them listened to our advice.  Watch the vlog critique here:

Be sure to send in your viewer questions for me to answer during these web critiques on the Face Off Facebook page HERE, and watch me critique all the odd numbered episodes of Season 5, returning to critique episode 7.  Also, during the episodes all season long on Tuesdays at 9/8c, tweet LIVE with me on Twitter @KOSARTeffects to show our support of the contestants and cheer them on as we all watch together!

Top pic of McKenzie Westmore and J. Anthony Kosar by Nicole Wilder-Shattuck, courtesy Syfy.

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