Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Art of Make-Up FX - June 2011 Recap

June marked the first Art of Make-Up FX course taught through Kosart Effects Studios. 6 students from all over the Chicagoland area of all ages came out to learn various "out of the kit" techniques of theatrical make-up FX. In an intense 4 Sunday course, students learned everything from theatrical make-up fundamentals, age and corrective make-ups, 2D and 3D character make-up design, and injury make-up. Check out the Flickr slideshow to see the creative work of the students from the Art of Make-Up FX - June 2011.

"I learned a great deal more useful techniques in this short amount of time than any semester-long make-up course I've taken."
~ Justine Losoya (Columbia College Graduate & Art of Make-Up FX Student - June 2011)

"The Art of Make-Up FX was another home run for Kosart Effects Studios. I recommend it for those looking to get their hands bloody . . . I mean their feet wet in the world of Special Effects Make-Up!"
~ Scott Mitchell (Art of Make-Up FX Student - June 2011)

See Justine's and Scott's work below with the other students!

Thank you to all my students for being a part of the first Make-Up FX course from Kosart Effects Studios!! I also want to send a HUGE thank you to Fantasy Costumes, Blick Art Materials and Zagone Studios for their sponsorship and all their help and support in making the Art of Make-Up FX possible!

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Photographs by Kosart Effects Studios, LLC.
All Make-Up Designs Copyright their Respective Artists.
All Rights Reserved.

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