Sunday, September 13, 2009

Behind-The-Scenes of The Spider: Judgement Knight #1...

Here are some of the Behind the Scenes pictures at how my artwork for Moonstone's The Spider: Judgement Knight #1 was made. After the concept stage, it was time to get some photo references. While getting models for the characters is easy, getting the right locations is not. Being a hyper-realist, every shadow counts. Therefore, combining my skills as an FX artist as well as my love for film, I built several miniature sets to enhance the realism of the world in which the Spider fights. Really, they are nothing more than paper-cube crates and paper-cylinder barrels I designed and printed off my computer,... then after much folding and taping, I constructed the sets to fit my compositions. Click images to view larger:

Shooting at Shadows 12x5.75 Gouache on Illustration Board

Above is the first image of the story where the thugs are shooting into the darkness of the warehouse. I had to put my hand in the photo reference so that the camera had something to focus on.

Blood of the Innocent 12x5.75 Gouache on Illustration Board

Above was for the second illustration. Here the Spider reflects on what the thugs have done. To build a bank vault, I just used two pieces of foam core and four action figures. I actually sculpted a 40s NYC Police hat out of kneaded eraser for the extra bit of realism.

The Hunt 12x5.75 Gouache on Illustration Board

Above was the third in the series. Once again, I just used the same paper cubes, set up in a different way.

The Showdown 12x5.75 Gouache on Illustration Board

Above was the sixth painting, and again, I just used the same paper crates and barrels.

Overall, this one was a fun project to work on, and I know that the extra work paid off. See all 10 illustrations HERE

Details on how to purchase this signed issue will be posted soon. If you would like to order one before store is finished, please contact me HERE

Illustrations & Sculpts © J. Anthony Kosar.
Comic Book © Moonstone Entertainment, Inc.

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