Friday, November 14, 2008

Please Vote... How Can You Resist this Face?

Hi Guys, sorry I haven't updated my blog since before Halloween. I have been in California, but when I get back, I have lots of news and work to share. Right now, I just want to keep everyone updated on my sister's short film “The Doll Hospital” that is in the running for Fan Favorite in the Lifetime Movie Network’s “Every Woman’s Film Competition.”

Thank you to everyone who has been voting or has forwarded the information on, . . . but she still needs your votes! She has been in the lead, but recently has been going neck to neck with the film that has been in 2nd place, which has just overtaken Melissa's film by just a few votes. Voting ends on November 20th which is less than a week away. So please, pass this onto all your freinds and family and continue voting through and on the 20th (I think it is once per computer per day). Please go to the following website address and vote for “The Doll Hospital” by Melissa Kosar:

Thank you again to everyone for their support on this!!
It is really appreciated!

Image © 2008 Melissa Kosar

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Dzenan said...

So I voted, my girlfriend , too and there was just one other movie that I liked as well as the doll hospital and it was - Basura by Kiara Jones... But I think that the doll hospital was really good!