Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watercolor Life-Drawings...

90 Second Warm-up Poses (click to enlarge)

45 Minute Long Pose (click to enlarge)

30 Minute Long Pose (click to enlarge)

These are a few life-drawings I did in a class at the Elmhurst Art Museum which I took for practice. I'm not used to working this fast,... I have been spoiled by the American Academy of Art's 2 hour per day, four days a week life-drawing long pose (which I took advantage of the extra time). The charcoal was going pretty slow for me for this class, so I decided to use wet media to cover as much of the paper as possible in the short amounts of time per pose. It is definitely a lot looser than my regular style, but I feel it is kind of freeing, and helps to train the eye by moving fast and blocking in the shapes and shadows. I am hoping that this practice will help me get faster when I work on my tighter gouache paintings. For those of you who really know my work, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these pieces.


Roderick De Jesus said...

not so easy is it?!

Jess said...

Did you enroll or is are these pay by attending.

Jay Farley said...

Hey, is that model good looking? I cant tell but the body seems as though she might be. I think I might start doing that drawing at the Academy. I dont know if they still have that going on. I think you said they do.

Dominic Philibert said...

wow !!!
Awesome paintings!!!!!!!!!!!
Really well done
Keep me posted.

Dominic Philibert said...

I did these 2 drawings today!
It always depends.
But none of the drawings I did are completly finished.
But I got so much drawings in me that I have to express myself!!!
Good work again!

NEW DAY said...

thanks for the comment. i started inking the piece last night. I am glad to see you doing quicker work it is alot of fun. Keep it up man